I'm a street artist from Ghent, Belgium. For several years now I draw little insects and paste them all over the city. Well... not only the city, actually wherever I go, I take my insects with me. Ghent is of course heavily infested with insects, but in the meantime they swarmed out to Oostend, Paris, Lyon, Verona, Milan, Ljubljana, Venice, Thailand, Tomorrowland, Kathmandu, Senegal, Sydney, … you can even find them on the Mount Everest (seriously).


The intention is to bring some color in the city, to make the neighborhood a nicer place to live and to surprise the people in a positive way. So dull gray concrete surfaces, electricity boxes, empty houses, … are perfect. Apparently my actions didn't go unnoticed and people started sending me mails to have a little insect on their house. Which I do with pleasure. I don't want to charge any money for it, I only ask two things in return: be patient (as there are over 600 addresses on my to-do list at the moment) and make a happy dance when you discover one on your house. Oh, and share your happiness with others!


Over the years several people caught me red-handed, so I can't really say I'm still as anonymous as when I started... The spotlight however is not my preferred biotope. The list of (useless) famous people is already long enough, no need to add my name to that list. ;-)


People often ask me why I don't charge any money for what I do, or as a young boy asked me “Don't you want to be rich and famous and have a Ferrari?” The short answer to that last question is: “no”. I have a nice job, enough money to live comfortably and let's be honest: wouldn't it ruin all the fun if money was involved? Of course, not everything I do is for free: I love screen printing, so in my little webshop you can find several items with my designs on. Sometimes I make art pieces you can buy, … So if you really want to support me financially: buy yourself something nice in the webshop. Or not, and just be happily amazed by my little creatures. :-)


Any more questions? Is Pol Cosmo married? “Sorry ladies, yes I am.” Does he have children? “Oh yes, two little vandals who look out for the police when I do illegal stuff!” Is Pol Cosmo as sexy as they say? “Ab-so-lu-te-ly!” Is he a dog or a cat person? “I love kitty cats! But dogs are cool too, as long as they are not mine and need a walk everyday.” Is Pol Cosmo a good illustrator? “No, not really, but I found a way to conceal my weaknesses and still have a lot of fun.” What's his favorite quote? “Hmm... I'm doubting... 'Be the change you want to see in other people' or 'Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die'.” Is Pol Cosmo perfect? “Ask my wife, I bet she has some interesting things to say about that...”

All other questions: drop me a line on polcosmo (at) hotmail.com or use the contact form on this site.